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Makeup Blenders vs. Makeup Brushes – What to buy?

blender-vs-brushes Now that you got yourself the amazing Beaute-FX BB cream, you might be wondering which makeup tool is the best to apply it with. With all of the rituals in applying creams and foundations, the world seemed to be divided in two: those who uses makeup sponges and those who uses makeup brushes.

If you still haven’t decided on which tool to buy, we have listed both of these beauty tool’s pros and cons.

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Welcome to Beaute FX BB Cream Official Blogsite!

Welcome to Beaute-FX BB Cream official blogsite! We love this BB Cream so much that we decided to put up a blog for you all!

Beaute-FX is one of the newest BB cream in the market that has 7 powerful benefits in 1 tube. From the makers of Matrixyderm AM/PM, Beaute-FX BB cream doesn’t only enhance your skin, Continue reading