The LAZY GIRL’s guide to looking pretty daily!

Article by: Leena L.M.


Most of my colleagues here at work spends hours every morning to get that covergirl look which is totally nice and okay. But if you’re anything like me, I sleep at wee hours of the night because there’s just so many things to watch on the internet and rather spending hours to prettify myself in the morning, I’ll trade that to get a little bit more zzzzs. So, I guess I’ll share some tips on how I’m still able to pull-up looking pretty everyday. LOL!

After several minutes of negotiating with my alarm clock’s snoozer, I get up from bed, go to the bathroom and take my bath. Then I prepare my four weapons of beauty.

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Beaute FX BB Cream review by Carolific!

It works like magic!

Carolyn Hamilton-Malasig is the owner of the blog and has given us and her viewers a review of our amazing Beaute-FX BB Cream.

“When I pumped out a little bit of this product, I noticed that the shade is really really light… But its like magic! You put it to your skin and it adjusts to your skin tone. “

Beaute-fx works perfectly for people who has medium to fair skin tone. At first application, the cream may appear to be light. Just allow the Beaute-fx BB cream to set and you will notice it blending to your skin color leaving you with a smooth, air-brushed make-up look.

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Kyra Pennington September Favourites 2015 Video! (Beaute-FX BB Cream Review)

From sharing product favorites and make-up tips to touring places and strengthening friendship bonds, Kyra Pennington welcomes everybody to her YouTube channel where she explores life as a teenage New Zealander gal.

On her September Favourites 2015 video, she included our Beaute-FX BB cream and proud that this amazing BB cream is made in the same country where she lives. She mentioned that Beaute-fx BB cream shade really matches her skin and was amazed with the smooth coverage the cream provides.

Kyra’s bubbly personality is the reason why her YouTube subscribers, family, and her friends love her so much. She is funny, natural, and she always keep it real.

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Cloudy Coconut Beaute-FX BB Cream Review

Loren P. is the owner of blog. Cloudycoconut is a blog focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Loren also includes her personal reviews on different beauty products, GWRM make-up tutorials, and a whole lot more. She also has a YouTube channel named ‘CloudyCoconut’.

According to Loren, she’s not very much into BB Creams because most BB Creams failed to provide her a good coverage leaving her skin greasy and unattractive. She shared her review of Beaute-FX BB Cream on the 3rd of October on her blog.

“…after using this product for a few weeks I have found that it has met my expectations pretty well.”

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Words from an Angel: “Hit in the face with smoothness!”

angel lee

Written by: Gem Lim (17/8/2015)

Lovely Angel Lee from Melbourne, Australia is the owner and writer of Anjellee Beauty Blog. She created Anjellee to track all of the beauty products she used and if they are worth recommending. Angel honestly reviews products that were sent to her. So we talked to Angel to see if she would like to try Beaute-FX BB cream and honestly review it.

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Beaute-FX Review from Australian Makeup and Skin Care


Visit Australian Makeup and Skin care review of Beaute-FX BB Cream

Faiza T. is one of the popular Australian bloggers we requested to trial our Beaute-FX BB cream with. A very lovely lady from Canberra, Australia who’s passion is to honestly write and review beauty products and skin care products. Her blog is named “Australian beauty on budget” and she’s on her quest to find the best beauty products in Australia at an affordable price. She believe that expensive products doesn’t always mean they’re better.

After using Beaute-FX BB Cream, we received a note from Faiza that she likes our product. “First when I applied I feel that its too light for my skin tone but when I blend, it melts into my natural skin colour. It moisturises my skin with out leaving greasy layer. It does not highlight dry patches and does not settles into fine lines and pore”, Faiza stated on her blog.

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