Is It Okay to Ditch My Sunscreen Because Beaute-FX BB Cream Already has SPF in it?


According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, our planet is becoming warmer at a rate of 0.15-0.20*C per decade. With the damage growing year by year, the harmful UV rays of the sun are increasingly able to penetrate our atmosphere. In the future, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a 28 year old look like a 50 year old.

Even today, we can see the effects of UV rays on those who work under the sun all day and do not use the appropriate amount of  sunscreen to protect themselves. Their skin looks much older when compared to their “indoor” counterparts. The skincare industry has been doing their best to call everyone’s attention to how crucial it is to use sunscreen. This is due in part to constant exposure to the sun, without protection, can lead to certain skin diseases and even skin cancer.The cosmetic industry continues to innovate with time and consumers have started to see many new cosmetic products infused with sunscreen. This in turn however had many women asking if it’s okay to forego their sunscreen and replace it with SPF-infused cosmetics.

If your product does contain SPF, what is the proper amount to use?

Read along~

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Makeup Blenders vs. Makeup Brushes – What to buy?

blender-vs-brushes Now that you got yourself the amazing Beaute-FX BB cream, you might be wondering which makeup tool is the best to apply it with. With all of the rituals in applying creams and foundations, the world seemed to be divided in two: those who uses makeup sponges and those who uses makeup brushes.

If you still haven’t decided on which tool to buy, we have listed both of these beauty tool’s pros and cons.

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Applying MakeUp Like A Celebrity Makeup Artist!


Why do these celebrities look as if they’re inborn with that perfect make-up shades on their faces? Its because their make-up artists knows their features best and what would look good on them.

But hey, not everyone can afford to have her own make-up artist who can do our makeup everyday, right? And since its YOU who knows your best features, you might as well learn how to do proper make-up application yourself.~

Here’s your alternate route to professional makeup school:

Number 1: Gather and Use The Right Tools
Just like a painter who gathers her tools to paint on her blank canvass, you also need to gather the right tools that will help you create the most beautiful art: You.

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Why Does My First Date Had To Be On Valentines Day!?

Valentines day is going to fall on a Sunday this year and as so they say, V-day are more for existing couples. But you and your guy just recently met. He just had to pick February 14th for your first date!


Should you say yes?

Honestly, we don’t see any problems with that. For the two of you, this Valentines day may just be any regular first date. So it’s definitely okay! But mind you, you might feel uncomfortable seeing a lot of couples displaying their affections everywhere. The two of you just met and you obviously can’t be like them. At least not on the first date.

What to wear?

You don’t need to wear a super formal dress on your first date, unless he invited you to a high-class restaurant or a hotel to have dinner/lunch with. It is important that after you say yes to a date, ask him where he’s planning to take you to. This will give you an idea of what to wear and would give you enough time to plan for it.


You’d be surprised that most guys prefer girls with less make-up. A lot of guys think that girls who wear heavy make-ups just wanted to flirt around. On the other hand, they tend to be more serious towards someone who confidently presents herself beautiful and doesn’t have tons of make-up on her face.

If that is the case, you should do well with our Beaute-FX BB cream. A pea size amount on your finger is enough to make your skin smooth and blemish-free. Though even if you apply more than that, you don’t have to worry as it will oxidate and blend to your skin giving you that natural look. Finish it off with a little face powder or foundation (please don’t cake it on), some light eye color, light blush, and lip gloss. Stick to your natural face colors and never go overboard.

Where to go?

Because your first date had to be Valentines day, going to movie theaters, parks, and even restaurants may not be the best idea. These places are going to be packed with couples swooning over one another.

But the guys don’t have to plan all of these. We’ve seen worst first date cases that ended up bad where some girls ended up getting pregnant on their first date! So, if you’re not that all shy, step up and suggest!


Do you both love the waters? How about renting a boat that day? Do you both love food? Grab different munchies from different stores and eat! Both coffee addicts? You know where to go! Or maybe you met each other at a golf club, why not spend the day doing what you both like? They key is to make your first date memorable, regardless if its Valentines day or not.

Ladies, you always have the upper hand on first dates. This is the best chance for you to weigh if the guy is worth your time or not. True that you have to be pretty and reserved. But most of all, this is the time for you to be smart!

If he is someone you really like, then see and observe how he would handle your first date especially that its falling on a Valentines day. Some might act clueless of what to do and that’s cute too. But others might just take advantage of you.



Valentine Gift Ideas for Her!

We are surprised to find out we have male visitors on our blog and this article is written especially for you!

Have you been thinking of what gift you’ll buy for your girlfriend? Running out of valentine gift ideas for her? We may be able to give you some tips!

And its not just for Valentines day. This read will give you ideas on what to give to her on her birthday, your monthsaries/anniversaries, and even if there’s no special occasion to celebrate! 


Roses, Chocolates and Valentines Card
This trio never gets old. When it comes to giving the apple of your eye the best Valentines gift, nothing can be more romantic than the classic “roses, chocolates and Valentines card”. But let’s make it a little bit more special.


There are a lot of colors available for this flower. For most men, they’re all the same: A rose. Its probably what’s available that’s why you bought it. But many women interprets its color in relation to the message ‘they think you’re trying to convey to them’. Here are some of the most common colors of roses gifted and their definitions:


Red – Romance, Passion, Beauty, Love and Intimacy
Pink – Appreciation, Admiration, Happiness, Youthfulness, Affection
White – Purity, Innocence, Humility, Peace


While most girls love a good box of Artisan du Chocolat, a lot of girls may not actually eat them. Most girls have always been conscious about their figures and no matter how tempting it is to indulge and enjoy your sugary sweet gift, they might just give it to their siblings or friends at the end of the day. You wouldn’t really know especially if they took a picture of your chocolates and post it on Facebook saying “My boyfriend is so sweet, he gave me these for Valentines!”.

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Girl Goals: The 3S’s of 2016

With every new year comes a new resolution. This 2016, you got 365 new days and that means 365 new chances to work on how to become a better person overall. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve come up with a list of the 3S’s you should focus your attention to for every week of every month this year! They’re all doable, but the key is taking one step at a time.




If there’s one thing you might have neglected much the past year, that’s probably yourself! You’ve probably buried yourself with studying, working, juggling being a daughter, a wife, a student, a career woman etc. You probably haven’t given yourself a time to relax. Stress can be the root of diseases and skin aging. This year, give yourself more S’s: Skin care and Sleep!


We recommend our own Beaute-FX BB Cream as part of your daily beauty routine. Not only it provides you with the perfect coverage, it helps nourish your skin, keeps it hydrated, and protect you from free radicals.

Sleeping for 8 hours every night is not that hard as long as you are able to manage your time. There is no better cure to aging and damage skin than sleeping. Through sleeping, you’re allowing your skin cells to rejuvenate and repair itself. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep every day.



Were you able to save money last year? With all of the good stuff you just had to buy during holiday season, do you still have enough left? Always remember to set your priorities and only buy what really is necessary. If you haven’t started saving money yet, this year would be a great chance to do so. Save a fraction of your allowance or salary every week and do your best not to spend it on not-so-important things.


Planning for your future is the best thing to do this year. Always remember that the people who always have been supporting you financially won’t be around forever. In time, you will have to learn how to spend your money wisely. Make sure to set-up a budget plan this year and stick to it religiously.



friends You might’ve been on Facebook and Twitter 24/7 “socializing” with your friends online. But that’s not what real socializing is. May it be with your friends, colleagues, classmates, or family, you need to go out and spend quality time with them. With all of the challenges of our daily lives, a good socialization is what keeps us sane. Make sure you find time to spend with your love ones as they will give you all the inspiration you need to brave the challenges of every day.


Hope these tips will help you plan your goals this 2016! Inspire other people and aim for someone who’ll come up to you and say, “Ive changed for the better because of you! 🙂 “

Fair to Light, Light to Medium; Dry and Combination Skin Types

Beaute-FX BB cream comes in just one shade. But our Beaute-FX BB Cream has a color-correcting (CC) effect and is best for people who have fair to light and light to medium skin tones. For people who have medium skin tone, they will notice that the cream would appear very light at first. Give it a few seconds to dry and notice how it starts to blend to your natural skin color.

This BB cream appeals to women with dry to combination skin types.

Dry Skin: People with this skin type are commonly found in areas where they experience extreme heat and cold as season changes. Extreme heat during summer makes the skin lose moisture and extreme cold can make the skin brittle. Having a dry-skin type makes you prone to pre-mature wrinkles due to free radicals. And harmful UV rays can damage your skin regardless if its summer or winter. The skin layer of people with dry skin is thin and won’t be able to hold a good amount of moisture to keep it elastic and bouncy. Beaute-FX BB cream has a moisturizing effect that is easily be absorbed by the skin. It provides a 24 hour hydration even in the hottest weather protecting your skin.

Combination Skin: This skin type is the most common for many women in different parts of the world. This is where some areas of your face is dry (usually from the apples to the side of the cheeks and on the jawline) and some areas are oily (T-zone: from forehead, down to the nose and chin). For women with this skin-type, it is suggested to apply Beaute-FX BB cream on a clean and dry face, and first applying it to your T-zone. These areas takes a little while to absorb the cream. Beaute-FX BB cream will eventually oxidize leaving your T-zone with that smooth air-brush powder effect. You can then apply the cream to the other areas of your face.

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