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Beaute-FX is not just your regular BB cream. It’s 7 in 1 benefits also made this skin care product the 2014 women’s choice awardee under the best anti-aging category. We have also compiled testimonials from both customers and blog/vlog reviewers.

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About Delivery

We work with New Zealand and Australian post in shipping your parcel to you. Our standard delivery time frame to anywhere in New Zealand and Australia is 5-7 business days. In usual cases, parcels arrive sooner. However, this all depends on the post on how they schedule their shipments.


Picture of a Beaute-FX parcel shipped internationally

As for international orders, delivery time may vary. We will have to check with the post as to how long delivery may take shipping it to that country. We will notify you of the estimated time frame. It may take 1.5 to 2 weeks time frame for really distant locations.

We ship parcels in regular post packaging with no pictures and/or markings of the content. Your item will be placed in a 9×12 size plastic bubble-wrapped envelope and has  a weight of 0.220 kg. A note in front of the parcel stating that this product was distributed from JC Arnica is attached.

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Guide on Shopping for Beauty Products Online – How to Spot a Reputable Company from a Fake One

Shared from Matrixyderm, written by Stella Courter (May 25, 2015)


Note: Matrixyderm and Beaute-FX are both products of JC Arnica Corporation

Online shopping is plagued with dishonest scams. I’ve  recently been shopping for beauty products online and been scammed before, and that’s why I’m writing this article. I want to advise online shoppers to have a keen eye when you buy skin care products online. Somehow, there’s this sense of convenience and assurance that makes me want to buy my skin care products on the internet. Who wouldn’t want to get their products without having to leave their home anyway. Though, along the way, I’ve learned how to distinguished a reputable companies from the bogus ones, and trust me, there’s a lot of companies online you don’t want to deal with!

Shopping for genuine beauty products online might sound easy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are looking at buying a skin care product online anytime soon, such as a skin tightening cream for example, you’ll be presented a long list of merchants and websites that sell such products. Professional scammers spend a lot of time and effort in making their website appear to be the most vibrant and appealing in the search results, drawing unsuspecting victims in. Though web security is better than it used to be. Google and other similar search engines are unable to manually check each website consistently leaving the site to be flagged only if the website has been reported by a lot of people. When you are scammed for a lot of money from one of these site you may be eager to report a company. Sadly, for small products like skin tightening creams, facial creams, it’s not considered that big of a deal and is quietly left alone, allowing scammers to continue.

I’m not rich. I have to make the most out of my money. Being a woman, I find buying skin care products a must. Because of this, I want to be buying from a company that is reputable, one which I can do business with for a long time. So, learning from my past experiences with shopping online, I’ve learned some of these tips that I would like to share with you.


Buy From Someone Who Knows Their Science


Skin care products like anti-aging cream, facial creams, BB creams and other beauty products online have to have some scientific explanation for its formula. The ingredients have to be listed in a way consumers, like us, who don’t know much about chemistry, know what goes onto our face. We don’t want mercury or any other harmful elements entering our skin. The product has to be thoroughly researched, studied, tested, and approved. Each ingredient is  highlighted and the company should have either a brief or thorough explanation on how to use their product.

Buy From Someone Who Has Customer Support


A lot, and I mean, A LOT of websites that market beauty products online don’t have any way you can contact them. When you have questions or want to ask where your order is, you have no one to talk to. These scammers hide and don’t want to be bothered by you since they already have your money, for them it is a done deal. This leaves you, the consumer, without your money and without your product. And, in so many cases, you eventually just forget about it, because it wouldn’t be worth going through all the trouble filing a case against them. So before you buy any beauty products online, make sure that the company has an email, chat, or phone customer support in place. You may want to exchange a couple of conversations with them first before you actually buy a product. Any company who refuse to talk to you should be ignored no matter how good the product sounds that is being advertised on the site.

Buy From Someone Who Has Terms and Conditions Laid Out

A Terms and Conditions link, as well as other necessary information for a business operating online, should be available. As consumers, it is our responsibility to look for that link (usually on the bottom of the merchant page) and thoroughly read it. It will save you from any misunderstandings or disagreements in the future. this will provide a safety net should the company not follow their set terms. Any company that doesn’t have Terms and Conditions laid out anywhere on their website is a no go.

Buy From Someone Who’s Check-out Page is Encrypted


Onto a little bit of the technical side. When you check-out a product online, you have to be very keen in determining if the website check-out page is encrypted. These are usually web pages where you enter your credit card information. On your address bar, there should be a green lock that when you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see that the web page is verified and encrypted. Also look for logos on that page, such as “Verisign Secured”, “ScanAlert Hacker Safe”, “McAfee Secure” and the like.

In conclusion, do not be trigger happy when you buy beauty products online and products online in general. For me, most of my online shopping is for skin care products. After years of buying from different merchants, I have found a reputable company to whom I can do business with for a long time. All lists checked! I buy anti-wrinkle creams directly from Matrixyderm, and so far so good. It’s been almost a year now (I think) and I have had no problem. I also have a list of reputable companies following the same guidelines.

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