Quit Them Bad Skin Care Habits!

Many of us have morning and/or evening beauty routine that we totally swears by. But there are skin care habits that can actually damage your skin! Add to that all the small slip-ups that can take a toll on your skin in the long run.

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The LAZY GIRL’s guide to looking pretty daily!

Article by: Leena L.M.


Most of my colleagues here at work spends hours every morning to get that covergirl look which is totally nice and okay. But if you’re anything like me, I sleep at wee hours of the night because there’s just so many things to watch on the internet and rather spending hours to prettify myself in the morning, I’ll trade that to get a little bit more zzzzs. So, I guess I’ll share some tips on how I’m still able to pull-up looking pretty everyday. LOL!

After several minutes of negotiating with my alarm clock’s snoozer, I get up from bed, go to the bathroom and take my bath. Then I prepare my four weapons of beauty.

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Winterize Your Skin! Here are our tips on how to get your skin ready for winter


Is your skin ready for winter? Since last week, the cold air in Victoria marked the Autumn season as officially over. From here, it will be three long months of dealing with dry skin, chapped lips, and other skin problems caused by winter. But do not worry! As long as you know how to “winterize” your skin, you can maintain a healthy glowing skin during and after the cold season!

Here are the questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are ready for winter.


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4 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Beaute-FX BB Cream


BB cream can be your best friend, as it can help you with many different beauty needs. If you think our Beaute-FX BB cream serves nothing but one purpose, here are some “unpopular” ways to get the most out of your Beaute-FX BB Cream, especially if you don’t have hours to spend but wanted to get that smooth, natural, #iwokeuplikethis glow at any time of the day!

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Mom Deserves Only the Best – A Touching Video

More often, we don’t appreciate our mums’ sacrifices. She does great things for us and we think its her given responsibility. We’re all wrong… She often neglects herself and choose to put you before her because of that unconditional love.

If you looking for gift ideas for mum, why not send mum a jar of Matrixyderm and tell her she doesn’t have to put herself last on her list!


Matrixyderm AM/PM is one of the newest and most effective anti-aging cream in the market. Matrixyderm helps the skin to heal and lessen the visibility of wrinkles, thanks to Matrixyl™ 3000 and Manuka honey. It has Vitamin E, SPF, and moisturizer! From the makers of Beaute-FX BB Cream, we are confident that your mum will truly love this product.


Our partner Matrixyderm will be giving 20% off in celebration of Mother’s Day on all of its deals! Delivery is 5-7 business days anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. This sale will only be available for one week from May 1st to May 8th.

Don’t wait! It would be Mother’s Day before you know it!


Are Freckles Really Beautiful or Should I Get Rid of Them?

Even though freckles have a beauty of their own, we always have that freckled friend who will always complain about them.


“I feel the burn of lemon juice on my face. They told me it’s one way to get rid of it.”

“My friends and family has to play connect the dots on my face. It’s annoying.”

“I just can’t leave the house without makeup on. It can get frustrating.”

“I hate them. They make my face look dirty.”

If you are someone who don’t like those little angel kisses on your face, is it really worth to undergo laser freckles removal?

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