Quit Them Bad Skin Care Habits!

Many of us have morning and/or evening beauty routine that we totally swears by. But there are skin care habits that can actually damage your skin! Add to that all the small slip-ups that can take a toll on your skin in the long run.

Bad Evening Routine and Habits


Carelessly removing eye makeup


It’s fun to put on eye makeup but for many, removing eye makeup is something that needs to be done fast so you can hit the sacks and relax. It is a common bad habit when women tug on the under eye harshly to remove their eye makeup. This can result to puffy eyes, early wrinkles, and sagging skin.


Sleeping with Make-up On


Especially when you are tired and had a long day, you probably think that sleeping with makeup on for one night is okay. Then it happens again… and again… until it becomes a habit. No matter how much your makeup promotes itself to be hygienic and all-natural, at the end of the day, it can still clog your pores and become free radicals. Making your skin age early.


Applying Eye Cream at Night


If you notice that applying night cream around your eyes makes your eyes look puffy in the morning, that’s because it is actually a bad habit. The skin around the eye is thin so let it relax and be free of any products. If you want to get rid of your dark circles, apply it in the morning instead. Let the cream work during the day with you.


Hot Water For Washing Your Face


Washing your face with hot water can actually dehydrate the skin because moisture leaves the skin quicker. Its a common habit that many of us do especially when cold season kicks in. This can also lead to premature skin ageing. Washing your face with lukewarm water is better to rinse off make-up and dirt.


Bad Morning Routine and Habits


Not using SPF infused products


We recommend not to rely on SPF-infused products alone. What more if you use products without it? Imagine the amount of damage UVA and UVB can do to your skin! In addition to that, your face isn’t the only skin in your body. SPF-infused products like Beaute-FX BB cream are not formulated to cover your legs and arms. So make sure you stock up body lotions that has SPF and apply them whenever you leave the house.


Don’t Neglect the Neck


Many of us have the habit of just applying moisturizers on the face. We can see mature women with younger looking face but their necks reveals their actual age. It is time we learn from them. Lather your moisturizer down to the neck area. Just like your face, the skin on the neck is also thin and needs extra care.


Putting on Heavy Make-Up Everyday


If you are someone who tend to put a LOT of products on the face everyday, you might actually be killing your skin! Remember, your skin also needs a break from carrying all of these. Try to achieve a beautiful look with less make-up needed. You may find this article helpful: The LAZY GIRL’s guide to looking pretty daily!


Over Cleansing


If you’re really obedient and remove your makeup at night before sleeping, you may notice that you wake up with oily face in the morning. Then you grab your cleanser and get rid of the oils right away. Our tip is not to completely scrub the oil out of your face because this is good to balance your skin. Over cleansing strips away natural oils that keeps your skin hydrated and looking young. Don’t make your skin prone to free radicals and skin ageing by completely drying it out.


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