The LAZY GIRL’s guide to looking pretty daily!

Article by: Leena L.M.


Most of my colleagues here at work spends hours every morning to get that covergirl look which is totally nice and okay. But if you’re anything like me, I sleep at wee hours of the night because there’s just so many things to watch on the internet and rather spending hours to prettify myself in the morning, I’ll trade that to get a little bit more zzzzs. So, I guess I’ll share some tips on how I’m still able to pull-up looking pretty everyday. LOL!

After several minutes of negotiating with my alarm clock’s snoozer, I get up from bed, go to the bathroom and take my bath. Then I prepare my four weapons of beauty.

JC Arnica Cosmetics Beaute FX BB Cream


I still feel this BB cream is underrated. I’ve tried so many BB Creams before and still have a wide variety of BB Creams in my vanity. But the reason why I became a Beaute-FX BB Cream fan is because this BB Cream is amazing. It gives you long lasting coverage and hydration, it has sunscreen protection, and it has resolved some of my tiny acne problems.

No need for any primer or powder when I put this on. It’s a good BBcream on its own. It’s not too thin like most BB creams in the market nor it’s too thick like a liquid foundation. It’s just sits right in the middle. It gives that powder-finish look when it sets. I normally just need 3 minutes to get my face and neck fully covered.


Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade


They can take everything away but they can never EVER take my BB Cream and my brow away from me! Its funny because my friend and I talked about it and for her, she can’t live without her eyeliners. She’s Asian Austrialian so I guess, to each her own, right?

I got this product from Sephora and was recommended to me by my friend Danielle. I use this with angled precision brush to make things easier for me. Although it did take awhile for me to master drawing my own brows but now I can do it in less than 5 minutes!


Milani Baked Blush in 003 Berry Amore


This is my aaaaabsolutely favorite blush of all. The blush’ sparkle gives you that extra glow and its pink-ness does look like natural blood flowing under your skin. That’s right. Nothing can look more natural when I can copy the natural redness that I just covered with my Beaute FX BB Cream. But this time, having them on the right places! I love wearing this especially during winter. While everyone looks pale and cold,I look vibrant and warm! 😀


L’oreal Colour Riche Exclusive Pinks – 21 NAOMI


This lipstick finishes my simple, yet pretty and fresh look! I’m okay with most coral-shade lipsticks but this particular brand is my favorite. It has the right amount of creaminess; not too heavy on the lips and the infused balm keeps my lips from chapping.


Yup, you don’t need to bring your entire makeup cabinet everyday just to look pretty. For me, a simple look yet showcasing a flawless skin is what’s important. Not to mention that I can pull this look even in the littlest time!




Thanks for the wonderful review and helpful tips Leena!

From BFX Team:)



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