Winterize Your Skin! Here are our tips on how to get your skin ready for winter


Is your skin ready for winter? Since last week, the cold air in Victoria marked the Autumn season as officially over. From here, it will be three long months of dealing with dry skin, chapped lips, and other skin problems caused by winter. But do not worry! As long as you know how to “winterize” your skin, you can maintain a healthy glowing skin during and after the cold season!

Here are the questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are ready for winter.


Do I still need to put my sunscreen everyday?


Yes. Whenever you leave the house, we recommend you to put your Beaute-FX BB Cream on always. A lot thinks that the sun isn’t really harmful during winter because it’s cold. But the truth is, UVA and UVB can still penetrate in and can severe the damage because you loses double the skin moisture during winter. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated. Beaute FX provides 24 hour hydration and SPF15 that will keep your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and from drying it due to cold winds.

Is hot bathing for a long time bad for the skin?


Yes. Even though hot bath cures almost everything, it may not be the case especially during winter. Prolonged hot bath can actually inflame the skin, causing itchiness, redness, and unwanted peeling. The effect is very similar to sunburn as it strips your skin off moisture and other natural oils and fats. You can also notice that as soon as you get out of the bathroom, the cold dry air of winter makes skin moisture quickly escapes from your skin thus damaging it.


What soaps can I use for winter?


You may want to avoid antibacterial soaps as these soaps, even though designed to kill bacteria, they also kill non-pathogenic bacteria. This is why you feel your skin is drier after washing with anti-bacterial soaps as they tend to strip more oil from your skin. This will lead to your skin dry and exposed and may suffer more damage indoor or outdoors. Use facial and body soaps that contains Vitamin E and has moisturizing effects.


Are there any food and drinks that can help my skin winterize?

Fatty fish like salmon, herring, and tuna contains omega-3 fatty acids which help retain moisture and strengthen your skin’s barrier. Olive oil contains vitamin E that protects your skin from UV rays, and cucumbers contains vitamin A & C to soothe skin and fight damage. As for those to avoid, soda,alcohol and coffee might not be the best to indulge into this winter. These drinks are diuretics and excessive in-take can result in dry skin because they can make you urinate more often. This leads to depletion of water.


To keep you hydrated, nothing beats the good ol’ water. And if you’re working on getting rid of skin problems such as dullness, dryness, and acne, a warm cup of lemon water should do the trick. The antioxidants found in lemon water fights damage caused by free radicals, keeping your skin looking fresh. Getting enough vitamin C from your lemon water also keeps the body producing collagen, essential in smoothing out lines in the face. Stir-in a teaspoon of honey for that added sweetness and more skin benefits!


What else do I need to do?


Make applying moisturizers and moisturizing body lotions your new religion. The idea may not appeal to you during summer or fall, but make it a habit this winter season. Vaselines or petroleum jelly are great for hands and feet before you put your gloves/socks on. Apply it daily, one in the morning and one at night.

Your skin doesn’t need to to suffer during winter season if you know exactly what to do. And since we do, we’d like to share these tips to you. And hopefully you can share it to your friends too!


Written by: Christina W., 03/06/2016



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