4 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Beaute-FX BB Cream


BB cream can be your best friend, as it can help you with many different beauty needs. If you think our Beaute-FX BB cream serves nothing but one purpose, here are some “unpopular” ways to get the most out of your Beaute-FX BB Cream, especially if you don’t have hours to spend but wanted to get that smooth, natural, #iwokeuplikethis glow at any time of the day!

Clean Mini Smudges


Every girl knows that there is a real problem when your mascara or eyeliner accidentally smudges. If it’s not that big of a smudge, you don’t have to remove all of your makeup just to start over. With your handy BB Cream, you can fix this problem by dabbing a thin layer of Beaute-FX BB cream. It can act as a makeup correction fluid.


Brow Corrector, Highlighter, & Concealer


There will be a day or two when you have missed plucking your ‘starting to grow’ brows. This can make you feel messy and or uncomfortable. Not many of us carry a makeup palette every single day to help us conceal those overlooked little hairs from popping out. You can fix this issue by dabbing your BB cream along those little hairs, blending it below and above your brows to give the illusion of a perfectly contoured brows. They disappear in no time flat!


Lip Highlighter


Its very easy to make your lips look overly greased by putting too much lip gloss to a single-colored lip shade. Currently we can see that matte lip colors are starting to make a comeback, and now in liquid form. If you are into that perfect natural everyday look, you can still make your flat lips look fuller by applying a little bit of Beaute FX on the V just slightly above your cupid’s bow.


Face Paint Alternative

We all know it’s super fun to dress up and be a heroine or a villain during Halloween. But some characters require a change of skin color and buying face/body paint wouldn’t be practical. You will only use it once and it will most likely dry out if you won’t be able to use the entire thing. It can also be quite expensive and skin damaging as well.


For the fun and crazy part, you can just simply buy a really cheap eye shadow (the ones you can usually find in local drug stores). It doesn’t matter what you are using as long as it has a good pigmentation. Then you can smash it to almost powder-like consistency and mix it with Beaute-FX BB cream to have your own amazing DIY face paint ever. And since it’s a BB cream, you don’t even need anything to set the traditional oil-based face paint because it will set on its own. Though you really have to work quickly in applying your ‘new skin’ as it sets quite fast.



You might be thinking that our Beaute FX BB cream is a little underrated especially if it can do so much more than being your regular makeup base. Not to mention it has 7 in 1 benefits including moisturizing, sunscreen, and concealing!




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