Are Freckles Really Beautiful or Should I Get Rid of Them?

Even though freckles have a beauty of their own, we always have that freckled friend who will always complain about them.


“I feel the burn of lemon juice on my face. They told me it’s one way to get rid of it.”

“My friends and family has to play connect the dots on my face. It’s annoying.”

“I just can’t leave the house without makeup on. It can get frustrating.”

“I hate them. They make my face look dirty.”

If you are someone who don’t like those little angel kisses on your face, is it really worth to undergo laser freckles removal?

The removal of freckles has been a topic that has divided women all over the world. Many encourage everyone to embrace their sun-kissed dots, while others just wanted to get rid of them. But how do you get freckles in the first place? There are two reasons why people have freckles: genetics and melanin.


Genetics basically is self-explanatory. If your mom and dad both have freckles, chances are you will also have freckles. In the future you may pass it to your offspring as well. On the other hand,  acquired freckles are the result of frequent exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun can cause your skin to produce more melanin. It’s your body’s way of shielding you from the harmful rays of the sun. The process is gradual and the appearance is random as it can take up to 7 years to show up from the time it first hit your skin.

Sharon Farrell, an Australian YouTuber from Sydney talks about her experience with pigmentation removal lasers. She said on one of her videos that her reason why she got her freckles removed is because they have gotten incredibly dark and wasn’t particularly happy with the way she look.

sharonfarell“It was a personal choice. I absolutely have no regrets having it done”.


Sharon seems to be happier and loving her self more and we think that is good! But would you undergo laser pigmentation removal procedures?


What are the side effects of pigment removal laser treatments?

Risk of Herpes Infection – Laser treatments are essentially changing  the surface of the skin, the potential for a herpes outbreak to exist.

Hypopigmentation – This is a common side effect to the procedure. People have reported blistering and the formation of scars following removal treatments. The that takes a long while to heal.

Not Permanent – As pigmentation removal laser treatments promise a clearer and brighter face, the result is not always permanent. Without proper skin care and maintenance freckles will keep coming back.

Very Expensive – Depending on the treatment and treatment area, costs of laser removal can be costly. Some practitioners may charge charge per session, or one flat rate that can be around $650 to $1,200 AUD ($500-$850 USD).


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Accepting You as You

freckgirlYou will still find a great number of people that finds your freckles really cute. It makes you unique not to mention it’s your own ‘fountain of youth’ in a way. 

So do not hate them. Embrace and love them! Freckles are like seasoning for your face and they make you SPICY! Its another reason for your boyfriend to keep staring at your face and smile. That you, his girlfriend, don’t look photo-shopped like many girls these days do. You proudly flaunt your natural beauty and still loving the idea of being covered with thousand angel kisses.

Did you know that a “freckledfrecklepen face” is starting to become a trend to achieve a younger look. Have you heard about ‘Freckle Pencil’?

People pay for something that you already have for free!


Though we understand it can be cute and frustrating at the same time, we still don’t believe you should get rid of your freckles by undergoing laser treatments.

If you want to even-out the texture of your skin, minimize the redness or the severity of your freckles, but still flaunt the little stars on your cheeks, we recommend you to apply a light BB cream instead. A good BB cream moisturizes your skin as well as giving you protection from the sun’s harmful rays.



Embrace your freckles, embrace you. – Beaute FX BB Cream




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