Makeup Blenders vs. Makeup Brushes – What to buy?

blender-vs-brushes Now that you got yourself the amazing Beaute-FX BB cream, you might be wondering which makeup tool is the best to apply it with. With all of the rituals in applying creams and foundations, the world seemed to be divided in two: those who uses makeup sponges and those who uses makeup brushes.

If you still haven’t decided on which tool to buy, we have listed both of these beauty tool’s pros and cons.


Make-up Sponges and Beauty Blenders

Starting off with makeup sponges, the biggest and most expensive brand in the market today is BeautyBlender. But even before the hype, a lot of women had already been using makeup sponges in applying liquid foundations and base creams.

Price: $8.00 to $20.00 AUD

Cleansers: $15.00 to $30.00 AUD


Shape – Since most of the makeup sponges in the market is egg or semi-oval shaped, the bottom part is wider and perfect for larger areas of the face. The tip would be for smaller areas. You wouldn’t need any other makeup tools for different areas of your face.

Airbrush Finish – As the sponge texture is fine, you can be rest-assured that you’ll get that airbrush-smooth finish after you apply your Beaute FX BB cream.

Clean up – You don’t need to clean your make-up sponge every after use.

Blending expert – If you feel you got areas on your face you’ve applied more product on, you can easily even it out by blending away.


Time consuming – Because you pat and blend and pat and blend, applying your base can take a lot of time with makeup sponges.

Full makeup coverage – If you want heavy or full make-up coverage, you cannot achieve that with makeup sponges. Makeup sponges tend to absorb product and will only give you light to medium coverage.

Clean up – Even though you don’t have to clean it up every after use, clean up can be a pain with these makeup sponges. You have to thoroughly wash it even with its own cleansers to remove the makeup that can be stuck inside.

beautefx-makeup-brushMake-up Brushes (Getting the full set)

A single blush brush isn’t enough. You need to get the full set or atleast a few more brushes because each brush have their own purpose. There are brushes dedicated for larger areas of the face, smaller areas, so on and so fort.

Price: $3.00 to $30.00 AUD (from single to set)


Faster Application – compared to makeup sponges, makeup brushes takes shorter time to apply on.

Full Coverage – if you’re going for a full makeup, you can definitely rely on makeup brushes to achieve just that.

Clean Up – Clean up is breeze. There are makeup brush shampoos that you can buy online but they’re not necessary. A regular liquid soap can actually get the job done.


Streaks – You know you hate it when your foundation or base cream leaves streaks and strokes on your face. Actual nightmare is when it leaves brush strands on it – yes, that can happen with cheap makeup brushes.

Bacteria – Makeup brushes gets dirty fast. So its advisable to wash and dry it every after use. These brushes don’t really absorb makeup so the makeup tends to get stuck on it waiting for bacterias to feast on.

One size can’t fit at all – You need different brush types and thickness for different areas of your face as well as for different products you are using.

It would all depend on how you apply your makeup on a daily basis. Are you the type who apply your makeup in full coverage? Or a light to medium coverage is enough?

Also coart_ggnsider your budget in buying your tools. Good beauty tools doesn’t come cheap but they’ll stick with you for a very long time. You may want to save up and invest on the best beauty tools. Cheap beauty tools easily gets broken and if you keep buying them, it will eventually drain your money.

You can either use a brush or a makeup sponge (beauty blender) in applying your Beaute FX BB cream. It doesn’t matter which tool you use and even if you use your God-given beauty tool (your hands), you’ll still look great!


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