Applying MakeUp Like A Celebrity Makeup Artist!


Why do these celebrities look as if they’re inborn with that perfect make-up shades on their faces? Its because their make-up artists knows their features best and what would look good on them.

But hey, not everyone can afford to have her own make-up artist who can do our makeup everyday, right? And since its YOU who knows your best features, you might as well learn how to do proper make-up application yourself.~

Here’s your alternate route to professional makeup school:

Number 1: Gather and Use The Right Tools
Just like a painter who gathers her tools to paint on her blank canvass, you also need to gather the right tools that will help you create the most beautiful art: You.

makeup brushes

Makeup Brushes 101! – Casey from

Investing on high-quality lash curlers and make-up brushes, your makeup will be more flawless. Casey from Beauty Blog 101 explains the use of different brushes and how you use them on different areas of the face.
Number 2. Its All About That Base!
Use a base that is close to your skin tone. We have seen girls who are using base colors that are actually 4-5 shades brighter or darker than their skin tone and that’s a No for us. You wanted to look as natural as possible with a flawless skin.


Here we have Elena, aka Classicsplendour on YouTube, getting ready to prep her skin with Beaute FX BB Cream.

Use Beaute-FX BB cream as it oxidates and blends perfectly to ladies who have medium to medium-light to light skin tone. It will leave your skin smooth and ready for the next step!


Totally nailing it!

Number 3: Contour. Then blend and blend some more!
When we first saw contouring and how one can look like a clown, we gotta admit: It look really funny! But hey, contouring and blending is the fastest metamorphosis you can witness turning one from a grasshopper to a butterfly!

A lot of professional make-up artists (and really good ones) have mastered how to contour and highlight the face. This is done to make the natural facial features pop on videos or photos. Contouring gives that another level of “life” on your face. You can achieve that superstar jawline and cheekbones if you contour properly.

The stage after contouring is blending. Blend your make up thoroughly and make the the shading transition seamless.
Number 4: Monochromatic 3 Eyeshadow Style

simplesmokeyThe days where women apply 2-4 different eyeshadow colors are long gone. Its the monochromatic 3 eyeshadow that is taking the fashion world by storm! This is where you create depth on your lids using a certain color’s light, medium, and dark shades.

The most popular make-up style that’s used by a lot of actresses is the Smokey Eyes effect.

Practice your eye-lining skills, curl your lashes, and voilà! You got your gorgeous eyes the center of your face!



Number 5: Ace Your Lipstick Game
There is a reason why you apply makeup on your eyes first and not your lips. Because the two can’t be both extreme! The trick to applying lipstick is really understanding the look that you’re going for.

If you’re going for the eyes to be the first thing you want people to notice, then you may want to make your lip shade subtle. If you want people to notice your lips more than your eyes, then you may want to make your eyeshadows milder.

But remember to always prep your lips with a lip balm to help your lipstick stick and avoid the lips being dry.

Final Step!
Set your make up with a light layer of powder. To avoid your make-up looking cakey and cracky, set your make up with a gentle spray of water or any face mist.

Then you’re good to go!


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