Valentine Gift Ideas for Her!

We are surprised to find out we have male visitors on our blog and this article is written especially for you!

Have you been thinking of what gift you’ll buy for your girlfriend? Running out of valentine gift ideas for her? We may be able to give you some tips!

And its not just for Valentines day. This read will give you ideas on what to give to her on her birthday, your monthsaries/anniversaries, and even if there’s no special occasion to celebrate! 


Roses, Chocolates and Valentines Card
This trio never gets old. When it comes to giving the apple of your eye the best Valentines gift, nothing can be more romantic than the classic “roses, chocolates and Valentines card”. But let’s make it a little bit more special.


There are a lot of colors available for this flower. For most men, they’re all the same: A rose. Its probably what’s available that’s why you bought it. But many women interprets its color in relation to the message ‘they think you’re trying to convey to them’. Here are some of the most common colors of roses gifted and their definitions:


Red – Romance, Passion, Beauty, Love and Intimacy
Pink – Appreciation, Admiration, Happiness, Youthfulness, Affection
White – Purity, Innocence, Humility, Peace


While most girls love a good box of Artisan du Chocolat, a lot of girls may not actually eat them. Most girls have always been conscious about their figures and no matter how tempting it is to indulge and enjoy your sugary sweet gift, they might just give it to their siblings or friends at the end of the day. You wouldn’t really know especially if they took a picture of your chocolates and post it on Facebook saying “My boyfriend is so sweet, he gave me these for Valentines!”.

It is important you know if your girl is very conscious about what she eats. So when it comes to buying chocolates and making them your valentines gift for her, you really have to know your girlfriend more.

Valentines Card

cardsA lot of guys aren’t that good with words. You might say, “That’s exactly what Valentine cards are for! They already got those super cheesy lines and that should be good enough.”

That’s where you’re wrong. Your lady will appreciate NOT the most beautiful nor the most expensive valentines card that you can get her. For her, the best part of receiving a Valentines card is to read what you, in your hand-writing, have to say.

Tell her how much you appreciate her and how much you love her. We can’t really give you an advise on this. The message has to be coming from your heart.


How About Something Memorable?collage
Remember your first date? How about your first fishing trip in Melbourne? Oh, remember how much she laughed when you accidentally spilled your drink and wet your pants?

A collage of photos with captions reminding her of your happy times together is also a perfect gift. Be creative and tell her how much she made your life colorful. That, with her, every day is a Valentines day!



Maybe Something She Can Actually Use?
Our tip is that you have to pay more attention on what her hobbies are and what she loves doing. Does she love listening to music? Maybe you want to start checking how much a good pair of earphone costs… Does she love painting? How about getting her some blank canvass or more acrylics? There are a lot of things that you can give to her that she can actually use. How about a bag? A cute pair of earrings? A necklace is nice too!


We have to brag a little bit. Our Beaute-FX BB cream can be one of the perfect Valentine gift ideas for her! Not only because the packaging is pink and adorable, but it is something that she can use everyday. Beaute-FX has a lot of benefits for her skin: UV protection, perfect coverage, and moisturizing. If you wish to read more about Beaute-FX, you can click here.


What are the Big No-Nos?

A Dress
You may think that buying her a dress is a good idea. Well, not really. Unless you are buying it with her or she has taken you to a shop before where she mentioned “I like that dress!” But if you’re buying it on your own and relying on your own taste, her preference may not be the same. She would most likely think that you wanted her to dress this way and that can be offensive if she dresses differently.

Deodorants, Fragrances, Pills
As for the scents, women may take offense being gifted deodorants, soaps, perfumes, and similar products from their SO’s. Even if it’s NEVER your intention to tell them that they need to look after their hygiene, some women may interpret it to be so. Same thing with health supplements, diet pills, and similar products. She may think that she’s not good enough for you and that you are trying to improve her body.

Make-up Palletes, Eyepencils, Brushes, etc.
Make-up palletes, eye pencils, brushes, mascara and all of those things that goes in her beauty bag may not be your forte. Its not a big No-No but we suggest you leave the buying of her beauty items to her. She knows what she likes best.


We hope we have helped you with these tips and gave you an idea of what you’ll get her this Valentines day! If you want to share your own tips, please leave a comment under the comment section below or on our Facebook page.



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