Fair to Light, Light to Medium; Dry and Combination Skin Types

Beaute-FX BB cream comes in just one shade. But our Beaute-FX BB Cream has a color-correcting (CC) effect and is best for people who have fair to light and light to medium skin tones. For people who have medium skin tone, they will notice that the cream would appear very light at first. Give it a few seconds to dry and notice how it starts to blend to your natural skin color.

This BB cream appeals to women with dry to combination skin types.

Dry Skin: People with this skin type are commonly found in areas where they experience extreme heat and cold as season changes. Extreme heat during summer makes the skin lose moisture and extreme cold can make the skin brittle. Having a dry-skin type makes you prone to pre-mature wrinkles due to free radicals. And harmful UV rays can damage your skin regardless if its summer or winter. The skin layer of people with dry skin is thin and won’t be able to hold a good amount of moisture to keep it elastic and bouncy. Beaute-FX BB cream has a moisturizing effect that is easily be absorbed by the skin. It provides a 24 hour hydration even in the hottest weather protecting your skin.

Combination Skin: This skin type is the most common for many women in different parts of the world. This is where some areas of your face is dry (usually from the apples to the side of the cheeks and on the jawline) and some areas are oily (T-zone: from forehead, down to the nose and chin). For women with this skin-type, it is suggested to apply Beaute-FX BB cream on a clean and dry face, and first applying it to your T-zone. These areas takes a little while to absorb the cream. Beaute-FX BB cream will eventually oxidize leaving your T-zone with that smooth air-brush powder effect. You can then apply the cream to the other areas of your face.

UV Protection (SPF15) is the one of the key benefits of Beaute-FX BB Cream. If you are a young adult to your late twenties, and doesn’t require to wear heavy make-up daily, we recommend you to use Beaute-FX BB cream as early as now to correct imperfections and avoid pre-mature wrinkles when you are at your mid 30s.



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