Beaute FX BB Cream review by Carolific!

It works like magic!

Carolyn Hamilton-Malasig is the owner of the blog and has given us and her viewers a review of our amazing Beaute-FX BB Cream.

“When I pumped out a little bit of this product, I noticed that the shade is really really light… But its like magic! You put it to your skin and it adjusts to your skin tone. “

Beaute-fx works perfectly for people who has medium to fair skin tone. At first application, the cream may appear to be light. Just allow the Beaute-fx BB cream to set and you will notice it blending to your skin color leaving you with a smooth, air-brushed make-up look.


“Maybe the only thing I don’t like about this product is the pump, where you have to keep pushing the pump just to get the product.”

We have contacted Carolyn to assist her how to see the remaining product in the tube.


Similar products that are in tube containers might experience clogging of its dispenser. We have BB creams, lotions, liquid foundations… anything that contains semi-thick creams, gel, oil or foam can have this issue. One common reason as to why dispensers clog is having air stuck in its pump causing some creams there to harden.

If you experienced this with Beaute-FX BB cream, please refer to this link “Clogged Pump? Here’s a quick fix!” on how to solve this issue for Beaute FX BB cream and for other similar products.

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