Kyra Pennington September Favourites 2015 Video! (Beaute-FX BB Cream Review)

From sharing product favorites and make-up tips to touring places and strengthening friendship bonds, Kyra Pennington welcomes everybody to her YouTube channel where she explores life as a teenage New Zealander gal.

On her September Favourites 2015 video, she included our Beaute-FX BB cream and proud that this amazing BB cream is made in the same country where she lives. She mentioned that Beaute-fx BB cream shade really matches her skin and was amazed with the smooth coverage the cream provides.

Kyra’s bubbly personality is the reason why her YouTube subscribers, family, and her friends love her so much. She is funny, natural, and she always keep it real.

I kept in it’s packaging because I’m cute like that 😀 ” and we find that extremely adorable!


Beaute-FX BB Cream has SPF +15 UV protection that prevents your skin from premature wrinkles. It doesn’t only give you that flawless look but also protects your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Perfect to be worn everyday!

She also included Revlon Mascara, Mac Powder Blush, and Olay Regeneris Luminous facial cleanser.

Click here to subscribe to Kyra Pennington’s YouTube Channel and watch more of her videos!


Order your Beaute-FX BB Cream now! 


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