Cloudy Coconut Beaute-FX BB Cream Review

Loren P. is the owner of blog. Cloudycoconut is a blog focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Loren also includes her personal reviews on different beauty products, GWRM make-up tutorials, and a whole lot more. She also has a YouTube channel named ‘CloudyCoconut’.

According to Loren, she’s not very much into BB Creams because most BB Creams failed to provide her a good coverage leaving her skin greasy and unattractive. She shared her review of Beaute-FX BB Cream on the 3rd of October on her blog.

“…after using this product for a few weeks I have found that it has met my expectations pretty well.”

cloudycoconut_beautefx_2We asked Loren to honestly review our Beaute-FX BB Cream:

“Overall I have really enjoyed using this BB cream. The coverage and finish is perfect for everyday wear and it also feels comfortable and lightweight on my skin.”

On her recent GRWM (Get Ready With Me) make-up tutorial released on 7th of October, she used Beaute-FX BB Cream as her make-up base in replacement of her usual foundation cream. Loren explained that on her initial application of the Beaute-FX, it seems to be pale. But will eventually adjust to your skin tone.

Beaute-FX BB cream can be used by people with light, fair, to medium skin. It may appear light on your first application but after a minute or two, you will notice that it blends to your skin but making it smoother and flawless.

To read Loren P.’s post about Beaute-FX, click here: Beaute-FX BB Cream Review 


To watch her GWRM | Spring Make-up Tutorial, click here: Spring Make-up Look!


Order your own Beaute-FX BB Cream now!


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