Big Pores, Big Disaster for Me!


Picture of the tip of my nose 5 months ago

[Author: Grace Leber] During college, and even after I graduated, I suffered massive outbreaks on my skin. I had acne written all over my face and it didn’t let my concentrate with my studies at all. When I started working, my condition stayed the same. I remembered going to work and having a thick foundation on my face just to hide some painful pimples that are popping out really soon. It was a nightmare for the most of my life. I went to a dermatologist and told her that these breakouts showed no sign of stopping. She told me that one major factor contributing to my acne was large pores. Having large pores and being under constant stress increased the amount of breakouts i was having.  realized she was right. When I entered college and when it got intense at work, these breakouts doubles. But I still can’t deny the fact that they are still there even if I am not stressed at all. So there should be something more than stress that keeps these breakouts coming back.


Picture taken 23/08/2015

So I took a one month vacation off of work. Yes, I did save my leave credits to go somewhere so I can relax and destress and all of that. Hoping that because this is time time for “relaxation”, these breakouts won’t be so stubborn and relax as well. What do you know? It didn’t. But it did reduce quite dramatically so I guess the dermatologist is right. However, that still didn’t fix the problem. I constantly put make up everyday to cover up all the imperfections. I’ve used liquid foundation, 2-way cake powders, to hide my monstrous pores and the scars of acne. So I thought that I can get by every day as long as these makeups exist.

 Until I was introduced to Beaute-FX BB cream by one of my friends in Facebook. 

I bought one and used it in replacement of my usual foundation. This BB cream is something new to me. At first, I was uncomfortable because it didn’t give me the same coverage I had when I was using my old makeup. I still see some of my acnes showing up here and there. But my friend said I should stick to it for a few more weeks and try to not put anything on top of it and just let it dry. It evens out my skin texture which is something that I was very happy about.

But the best part was when I started noticing that its healing some of the acne scars I had and minimizing my pores. I couldn’t be happier! I’m sticking to Beaute-FX BB cream from now on. Melissa, if you’re reading this, I love you to the moon and back!


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