Do I need to set my BB Cream with a powder?

powderIn todays world of cosmetics BB creams are commonly mistaken for liquid foundations, resulting in many women setting their BB creams with powder. Liquid foundations do not set, or at least do not set fast. It requires the use of a powder to achieve that matte look. However, the combination of liquid foundation and powder has a few setbacks to it: crack formations and sometimes, that “cakey-look”.
These problems are easily solved with the use of BB creams. The major advantage is you no longer have to worry about setting the cream up with powder after application. Good BB creams contain talc, a similar ingredient often found in baby powders and facial powders. It is the talc that provides BB cream that powdered finish.

Is it bad to apply powder on top of my BB Cream?
Applying powder on top of our BB cream is unnecessary. However, should you wish to do so, you must make sure that you give your BB cream enough time to dry. Beaute-FX BB cream converts from facial cream to a powdered finish in just a matter of seconds.Allowing the BB cream to oxidize gives you an idea of how much powder you need to apply just in case you need more coverage. To avoid that cakey look and prevent make-up cracks from happening, it is recommended to use a large powder brush and not the powder puff. This method does not press the makeup onto your skin and is perfect for quick and lightweight powder application.

Is BB Cream enough to give me a good coverage?
It depends on one’s skin. Some people require more than just applying a simple layer of BB cream. For people with rosacea, where too much blood flow can be seen on the face, there are specialized skin care products that are suggested before application of any make-up. People with oily skin need a BB cream formulated for oily skin types. For the rest, BB Creams should be enough to give you that enhanced skin that looks natural perfect for everyday use.


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