About Delivery

We work with New Zealand and Australian post in shipping your parcel to you. Our standard delivery time frame to anywhere in New Zealand and Australia is 5-7 business days. In usual cases, parcels arrive sooner. However, this all depends on the post on how they schedule their shipments.


Picture of a Beaute-FX parcel shipped internationally

As for international orders, delivery time may vary. We will have to check with the post as to how long delivery may take shipping it to that country. We will notify you of the estimated time frame. It may take 1.5 to 2 weeks time frame for really distant locations.

We ship parcels in regular post packaging with no pictures and/or markings of the content. Your item will be placed in a 9×12 size plastic bubble-wrapped envelope and has  a weight of 0.220 kg. A note in front of the parcel stating that this product was distributed from JC Arnica is attached.

Courier and Express Shipments

Orders placed on our website are automatically queued for local post shipping. Should you wish your parcel to be couriered or request it to be express-shipped, we suggest that you email us first before you place your order. This way, we will be able to inform you a quote on how much this service will cost in addition. However, if you have placed your order on line and would like to take this option, kindly email us within 24 hours from the time of order. Otherwise, the order will be queued as normal.

Our email address is: contact@beaute-fx.com

Undelivered Parcels

There are several situations where orders don’t reach their recipients and every similar company experience this. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Typographical error – Incorrect spellings
  • Incomplete information – Missing building/room numbers, missing postal codes, missing city, etc.

If you have mistyped your shipping address or missed important information. We highly recommend you review your shipping information to make sure that your parcel will have no issues getting to you. In situations like this, the post will return the parcel to us stating that they were unable to deliver the item (RTS). We will then contact you and verify with you your shipping address.

Delivery Delays

As much as we wouldn’t want our deliveries delayed, there can be a few scenarios as to why your parcel may be delayed.

  • Stock Shortage – Being an online cosmetic store, it would be quite difficult to monitor the demands per month. This may result to current stocks being unable to supply current demand. However, we will contact you if your parcel is affected of this delay. Our team at Beaute-FX performs our best to fulfill all orders and will even request our other warehouses in other countries to assist back-up in sending your item to you. Stock shortage however, is a very rare situation with Beaute-FX.
  • Acts of God – There might be unforeseen situations from the post’s end that may cause delay on your delivery. Weather, typhoons, and all other situations that may be out the post’s control may affect the speed of your delivery. We will do our best to inform you of such delays.

Feel free to contact us regarding the status of your parcel as well as if you haven’t received your parcel within the time frame indicated above. You may chat with us or email us at contact@beaute-fx.com.


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