Words from an Angel: “Hit in the face with smoothness!”

angel lee

Written by: Gem Lim (17/8/2015)

Lovely Angel Lee from Melbourne, Australia is the owner and writer of Anjellee Beauty Blog. She created Anjellee to track all of the beauty products she used and if they are worth recommending. Angel honestly reviews products that were sent to her. So we talked to Angel to see if she would like to try Beaute-FX BB cream and honestly review it.

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Here’s a little conversation with me and Angel that I would like to share with you. A little proof that Angel does review her products thoroughly and honestly. 🙂


Received a reply from Angel on August 10, 2015

Anjellee’s Beauty Blog (My Skin But Better!)


Click the screenshot to visit her blog!

It’s still winter in Australia and ’tis the season where the skin can get all dried up. Add to that the “extra” redness as your body tries to pump more blood on your face to keep you warm. Our Angel found Beaute-FX very helpful in keeping the skin hydrated, smooth, and covering the redness.

“It reduces redness like a charm and once its on your face it feels like you’ve been hit in the face with smoothness.“, Angel said.


She seem to have fallen in love with Beaute-FX package design too! Because of Angel’s review, we found out that our sexy Beaute-FX have a BB Cream cousin.* 🙂


Angel is a nice and very friendly girl. She review products in great detail after thoroughly testing them. If you haven’t followed her blog yet, we highly recommend you do so. This way, you can have ideas of which products you should buy next!

Click here to Visit Anjellee: Anjellee Beauty Blog

*Please note that we are not affiliated with Skin79 Super BB Cream.


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