Beaute-FX Review from Australian Makeup and Skin Care


Visit Australian Makeup and Skin care review of Beaute-FX BB Cream

Faiza T. is one of the popular Australian bloggers we requested to trial our Beaute-FX BB cream with. A very lovely lady from Canberra, Australia who’s passion is to honestly write and review beauty products and skin care products. Her blog is named “Australian beauty on budget” and she’s on her quest to find the best beauty products in Australia at an affordable price. She believe that expensive products doesn’t always mean they’re better.

After using Beaute-FX BB Cream, we received a note from Faiza that she likes our product. “First when I applied I feel that its too light for my skin tone but when I blend, it melts into my natural skin colour. It moisturises my skin with out leaving greasy layer. It does not highlight dry patches and does not settles into fine lines and pore”, Faiza stated on her blog.


Faiza shares Beaute-FX on Google+

Beaute-FX is formulated to match almost all skin tones. For users who have medium to medium-dark skin tones, allow Beaute-FX to dry and set and it will blend to your natural skin tone leaving that smooth and nice powder effect.


Photo from Australian Makeup and Skin Care Blog blending Beaute-FX BB Cream on the skin

Faiza wrote to us about her thoughts and suggestions on how to better our website and we listened. Being a blogger and a reviewer for quite some time, Faiza’s experience with reviewing tons of beauty products makes her input extremely valuable for us. From our team at Beaute-FX, thank you so much for the wonderful review!

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