ClassicSplendour Weekend Morning Routine!

Elena, also known as ClassicSplendour on YouTube, is a 19 year old, very adorable and pretty girl from New Zealand. She made a video tutorial on how she does her beauty routine on a weekend morning. One of the products she loves is our very own Beaute-FX BB cream.


She woke up late on that day and we think its funny and adorable. She was still on the bed at 1:30pm! But that aside, who wakes up early during weekends when you don’t have to go to school or work? Almost all the fun stuff happens from afternoon to evening anyway.


To start her day off, she took a shower and prepped herself to do her beauty routine for the weekend. She used Beaute-FX BB cream 7 in 1 Miracle Skin Enhancer as her primer and foundation covering skin imperfections and redness.


“I’ve been loving it because its really light and it also covers my redness.” said Elena.

After letting the BB cream set, she used Australi’s pressed powder to complete the base. She used the bronze color in the Sephora’s color palette to give her natural blush. She also used Chichi highlighter and brushed it on the apples of her cheeks to enhance more of that glowing look. There are other steps she incorporated to this tutorial video like applying mascara and eye pencil as well as L’oreal lip liner and Revlon lipstick.Elena3

The overall look Elena made on this video is very light, natural, and girly (with all the pink)! She looked sporty yet elegant. A look that subtly screams “I’m reserved, but I’m ready to partay!”

To watch her video, please click here:

Weekend Morning Routine


To go to Beaute-FX BB Cream website, click here:

Beaute-FX official website.

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