Clogged Pump? Here’s a Quick Fix!

Similar products that are in tube containers might experience clogging of its dispenser. We have BB creams, lotions, liquid foundations… anything that contains semi-thick creams, gel, oil or foam can have this issue. One common reason as to why dispensers clog is having air stuck in its pump causing some creams there to harden.

It rarely happens to Beaute-FX but just in case you encounter a clogging in your Beaute-FX or any similar products that has the same tubing, you can follow these quick easy steps!

Step 1

Open the metal lid on the top of your Beaute-FX BB cream tube. This round metal lid seals in another tube of BB cream inside providing another layer of protection to the product.


Step 2

Take the smaller tube out of the pink container as shown in the pictures below.


Your Beaute-FX components are: inner transparent tube, thick pink outer tube, metal lid ring, and the plastic nozzle cover.


Step 3

Twist the cap open as shown in the picture below.


Unlike other products, which utilize a long plastic tube, Beaute-FX uses a system which draws air from the container, pulling the cream along with it.


Step 4

You may submerged the cap in a warm water whilst testing the pump out. The warm water should help the stuck cream inside break loose.

A screenshot from RJ's video on how to fix clogged dispensers

A screenshot from RJ’s video on how to fix clogged dispensers. Click on the picture to watch the video.

Step 5

Once unclogged, dry it out with a towel or a paper towel and shake any excess water off. Place it back on the transparent tube and close it tightly. Then place it back on its bigger tube.


And there you have it! You have your Beaute-FX nozzle pump working again!


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