Your Eyebrow Decides If You Will Look Older or Younger!

I have a friend that told me, “It’s okay if I don’t have make-up for the day. Just let me do my brows!”

Most of us draw our eyebrows every single day. Believe it or not, when we’re used to a specific style of drawing our eyebrows, it would be quite hard to adapt a new one. But there are actually styles of eyebrows that can make us look matured and can make us look young. The question is, what kind of woman are you going for?

Thin and highly arched eyebrows can make one look matured. Most of us would like to pluck our eyebrows off, so we can have almost a clear canvass to draw those high arched brows. Don’t get me wrong. A woman with thin (or semi-thick) arched eyebrows are great. The impression it gives is “power”. This woman knows enough to be in control of her situation. Thus, giving her that matured/experienced look from those arched brows.

flatBut Koreans? They don’t do it. For Korean girls, looking “cute”, “bubbly”, and “young” is the trend. That’s why the rest of the world sees Asian women look younger than their age. We’re always surprised when some Asian woman reveals she’s already 42 when she’s looking 30. Eyebrows can be just one trick. For them, a thicker, more straight lined eyebrow gives them that younger look.
You may change your make up style, palette and shades everyday and people would hardly even notice. But change how you draw your eyebrows and they’ll tell you that there’s something different about you. That’s how powerful eyebrows are.


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