Cruelty Free Beauty

We love our pets, we love animals. We coexisted with them for billions of years and they have the right to live in this planet like we humans do. Having said that, our skin care products Matrixyderm and Beaute-FX that currently markets to New Zealand and Australia, has undergone immense research identifying the right ingredients to get the job done at no expense of another living creature.


For the majority of products sold in Australia, animal testing is legal depending on which area in Australia allows it to be in effect. It has to be approved before starting the test in a laboratory and should only be handled by professionals.
The testing of cosmetics on animals is only a small percentage of the entire animal testing procedures in Australia. However, an increasing group of people who are against animal testing believes that formulations in cosmetics have already been proven and the subjects should be human.

Unfortunately, a lot of well-known cosmetics companies find it necessary to test their products first on animals. Many of these types of companies can be found in Asia particularly in China. ChiIMG_20150730_104506_ana is mandated by their law that if their selling any medication and cosmetic for human consumption, it has to be tested on animals as a requirement.

Matrixyderm and Beaute-FX never outsourced the processed of animal-testing. We are highly against this process and our conscience wouldn’t allow us to be involved in such. There are hundreds of ways to test if the skin care product is suitable for human use without having to sacrifice animals in the process.


A close-up shot of Matrixyderm’s box


A close-up shot of Beaute-FX box

No to animal cruelty!


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