What are the 7 Benefits of Beaute-FX BB Cream?

BB creams are a must-have in your make-up kit. You don’t need to carry tons of different skin care products that addresses different issues on the skin. They are very easy to use and you can enhance your skin in no time flat. The best BB creams however, do more than just prettifying your face and that’s where Beaute-FX is stepping up its game.


Beaute-FX BB cream has seven powerful benefits. Let’s go through each and every one of them:

1. Hide Imperfections
Freckles, acne, dark spots, fine lines, dark circles, uneven skin tone, redness, roughness, are some of the common reason some women apply foundation every single day. Beaute-FX allows you to cover and hide these imperfections.

2. Moisturize and Enhance
Our skin tends to dry out upon exposure to the sun and wind. With not much moisture on the face, it can easily damage skin cells making your skin look tired. Beaute-FX gives your skin the moisture it deserves. 

3. Adjust to your skin tone
From medium to fair, Beaute-FX adjusts to your skin tone. It provides natural color that helps set you apart from the crowd.

4. Evens out your skin texture
Some people have smooth and rough areas on their face. These areas causes foundations and other facial coverage to crack at some sections. Beaute-FX incorporated Kava plant extract that helps to even out your skin texture.

5. Enjoy a fresh dewy glow
Once Beaute-FX dry, this BB cream provides you a beautiful powdered finish making you look radiant and fresh. The talc used in this product is asbestos-free and the same ingredient that can be found in popular baby powders and facial compacts.

6. Guaranteed 24 hour hydration
Beaute-FX has ingredients ranging from minerals and plant extracts that absorbs moisture and keeping your skin hydrated for the entire day. Even if its too hot or too cold outside, you can be assured that your skin is hydrated and protected.

7. UV Protection from the Sun
Beaute-FX contains Sunscren Protection SPF 15 that prevents further UVA and UVB rays daming your skin. Any product that has SPF is a good product!
We hope you consider these 7 benefits of Beaute-FX when you buy your next BB cream. You can find more about its ingredients by clicking here.


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