How Many Skin Care Products You Have On Your Vanity?

Have you looked inside your make-up kit or on your vanity and count how many skin care products you have bought through time? What are the products you use everyday and what are the ones you use only for special occasions? What are a must-have and the nice-to-have items in there?

Pimples, dark circles, beauty marks, acne, pre-mature wrinkles, uneven skintone, are some ofproblems the common reasons why you turn to multiple cosmetics. Each of these problems have a corresponding cosmetic solution. For example, concealers are best for covering dark circles, toners are for redness, anti-aging creams for fine lines. No wonder why some women have more than 10 different skin care products inside their pouch or on their vanity.

Let’s find out what are the top 10 skin care product a woman have in no particular order:

  1. Primers and Toners
  2. Moisturizers
  3. Concealers
  4. Foundations
  5. Compact Powders
  6. Anti-wrinkle creams
  7. Make-up (Eye Shadows, Bronzers, Blush)
  8. Lip Color (Lipstick, Lip balms, Lip Gloss)
  9. Make-up Cleansers
  10. Brow Pencils

Some women who’s skin are more sensitive may have more specialized products they carry with them. Others just have a lot of products inside their pouches or on their vanity that they don’t actually use.

But as we move forward, cosmetics improved. The advent of BB creams solved the issue of having multiple skin care products. You don’t have to spend extensive amount of time to apply different products on your face because you consider your daily beauty regime done.

Beaute-FX for example, is a BB cream that also functions as a a moisturizer, sunscreen protector, primer, foundation, and even anti-aging cream. This is the only product you apply after washing your face. Unless you do your eyebrows, eye make-up, and lip enhancers daily, of course.


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