What really is a BB cream?


We all think that BB creams originated from Asia seeing many Koreans sensationalizing the use of this cream. But the first formulated BB cream was made by a dermatologist in Germany who wanted a single serum for skin protection and coverage after laser treatments. Later on, BB creams have been further improved taking over the jobs of moisturizers, primers, skin treatment, foundations, concealers, and powder. It aims to be the only product you’ll put on after washing your face.

These days, the best BB creams in the market are expected to have the following:

– Moisturizing
– Ingredients that helps to even-out skin tone
– Anti-aging properties (vitamins and minerals)
– Ingredients that promotes a powder finish

BB creams started its bloom around mid 2011. It doesn’t appeal to people of 35 to 40 age bracket as they are more adapted to having multiple tubes and jars for their beauty routine. More often, women who are so used to the line of skin care products they’ve been using find it hard to replace all of them with just one cream. They think that a single cream may not be able to get the entire job done. However, BB creams appeal to this new and busy generation. Only a tiny, almost pea size dab of BB cream, is all you need which makes them a great time saver.


Skin type may be an issue when you are buying BB creams as some BB creams are only compatible with Normal to Combination, Combination to Oily. However, there are recently formulated BB creams that can address different skin type by improving the formulation to make it compatible with all skin type. One of these new BB creams in the market is Beaute-FX.

For more information about the types of skin and to know which skin type yours fall under, you can visit Jamie’s Blog here.

If you are after a natural yet fresh daily look, and/or if you are someone who doesn’t want caking your make-up on everyday but wanted to cover imperfection and protect your skin, BB creams might be the only skin care product you need.


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