Freckles, freckles and more freckles!

If you’re reading this article, one of the reasons why you are using BB cream is that you wanted to cover or at least minimize the appearance of freckles on your face. There is nothing wrong with that.


Most people with fair complexion has freckles. This is a result of cells producing a lot of melanin that changes that color of the skin. They concentrate on several areas of the skin creating dark spots. No, freckles are not a skin disease. But for people who have fair skin, they are more susceptible to UVB rays from the sun. They are rare in infants but more commonly found in teens and young adults and tend to multiply if you do not have any skin care product that protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.

In some cases, freckles do fade with age. But there’s a catch to that. Fine lines and wrinkles may replace them. So it is important that if you are using a facial cream for your face while you are a teen or a young adult, to make sure that it has ingredients that protects and repairs.

That is what Beaute-FX BB Cream is created for. To even out your skin tone providing a clean and natural coverage on the face. It has sunscreen protection that prevents freckles to multiply and at the same time, decreases the chance of fine lines to appear as you enter your mid 30s.


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