Welcome to Beaute FX BB Cream Official Blogsite!

Welcome to Beaute-FX BB Cream official blogsite! We love this BB Cream so much that we decided to put up a blog for you all!

Beaute-FX is one of the newest BB cream in the market that has 7 powerful benefits in 1 tube. From the makers of Matrixyderm AM/PM, Beaute-FX BB cream doesn’t only enhance your skin, but also has SPF and anti-aging effects. It hides skin imperfections, moisturize and enhance, adjusts to your skin tone, evens your skin texture, gives you radiant glow, with 24 hour hydration, and with sunscreen protection factor. How’s that for a BB cream?

Matrixyderm and Beaute-FX have only been in the online market very recently. The company JC Arnica Nutraceuticals who are known for its health and weight loss supplements ventured into Cosmetics less than a couple of years ago. Matrixyderm and Beaute-FX are fledgling skin care products that has a huge potential of becoming well-known in the future. Due to the extensive research made as well as making these skin care products match almost all skin tones!

Please visit our official website at BEAUTE-FX!

We are currently marketing to New Zealand and Australian customers. If you’re outside New Zealand and Australia and wanted to buy our BB cream, please contact us at support@beaute-fx.com.


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